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KARABON D Packaging applications

ln order to fulfill very sophisticated requirements including several functions such as moisture or oxygen barrier, printability or heat sealability, flexible packages often combined several materials. Choice of adapted adhesive coating or tie-layer is key to guarantee both high application and final performances. ln this part of the Tie-Layer Center, we will give you an overview o{ packaging application in which tie layer are of great value:

. Application

. Extrusion

. Film Blown

. Cast film

. Coating

. Blow molding


. Lamination

Flexible multilayer laminates:

. Lidding

. Foil based laminates


Flexible multilayer coextruded :

. Lidding

. Shrinkable films

. Modified atmosphere

. Medical

. Skin packaging

. Vacuum bags

Rigid multilayer: 

. Bottles

. Trays

. Multilayer pipe

. Steel pipe

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